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G-Scan Tab


No more diagnostic cables between your scan tool and a vehicle.
G-scan Tab is an affordable Tablet PC based diagnostic solution with Bluetooth technology.
G-scan Tab shares the same database with legendary G-scan and G-scan2.
With already massive, yet constantly growing coverage, you can enjoy G-scan’s brilliant software
with choice of your own Windows based device.

Smart Update

When the Windows tablet or PC is connected to the internet, G-scan Tab connects to the GIT server through the internet, checks and downloads available updates and patches, and keeps the diagnostic database up to date.

System and DTC Auto Search

“System Search” option automatically checks all vehicle systems and reports fault codes, and provides access to advanced diagnostic functions available for each detected system.

Live data

As one of the basic diagnostic functions, G-scan Tab provides live data enabling users to monitor the system control unit’s input and output side.

Actuation Test

Actuation test is another basic diagnostic functions that G-scan Tab provides. Users can check the control unit’s operation by activating or deactivating the operation of an active component under control unit’s command.

Special Function

In addition to the basic functions of DTC read/erase, Live Data, Actuation Test and ECU info, G-scan Tab provides various coding, learning and Initializing functions.

Diagnostic Trouble Code

DTC read and erase are the basic of the basic functions for diagnosis. G-scan Tab provide 2-line DTC description that shows the long-text DTC descriptions in full, no more acronyms or erasing to fit in the limited space.

Data Graphing with Auto Scale

Alpha-numerical value of live data can be switched to fast and responsive graph mode by a simple click. It instantly self-adjusts max and min scale helping users more accurately observe and compare the parameters.

Data log and direct feedback

In case of error or failure, users can log bi-directional data transmission between G-scan Tab and the vehicle. Log data can be sent to the engineers directly from G-scan Tab, which is responded within 24 hours on working days


Runs on a Windows based Tablet, or any standard Windows device including laptop and desktop PCs.

Wireless via Bluetooth

Wireless and reliable connection between the GVCI and the PC is made simple and easy via Bluetooth.

Factory tool based Hyundai and Kia Software

Provides complete coverage for Hyundai and Kia cars based on Hyundai and Kia’s GDS factory tools.

Cost Efficient

No need to pay for standalone scan tool’s complete hardware.
Save the cost by selecting an affordable Windows based tablet from the shop or by utilizing the laptop that you already own.

System Requirements

Operating System: Windows 10 (or later version)

RAM: 2Gb or more

Display: 1200 X 1800 or Higher

Wireless Protocol: Bluetooth 2.0 or higher

Storage: 15 GB or more free space

CPU: Intel Bay Trail-T Z3735F 64bit processor or later with greater performance



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