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Autek IFIX969 is a Full System Scanner for Professional Technicians.
It supports Powertrain, Chassis and Body System Diagnostics, Error Scan, Reset, Activation, Reprogramming, Relearning and Coding. IFIX969 supports American, European and Asian vehicles.

Special function support includes most commonly required service features like Brake Deactivation, Calibration, Service Reset, Steering Angle Sensor (SAS) and DPF Regeneration.

For some car models, it also features ECU control, ECU programming and guided trouble shooting.

Autek IFIX969 Features

Full Systems Diagnosis

Component Test

Component Adaptation

Immo Functions (Key Programming)

ECU CODING and ECU Programming

Read DTC And Clear DTC

Read Live Data Stream

Read Vehicle Information (VIN, ECU)

Diesel Engine, Gasoline Engine, ABS, EDL, ASR, ESP, AIR-BAG

Vehicle Electrical Control Unit – BCM, Trailer Function AHF, Radio-Navigation

Identify Most CAN (Year, Make, Model, Engine) 

Get DTCs Faster With DTC Database

Multiple Language Support

Asian, European, American car makes supported

Quick Test function for most vehicle systems

All electronic systems supported

Software update via USB


Autek IFIX969 Special Functions

SRS Airbag Crash Data Reset

SAS Steering Angle Sensor Reset

Oil Light Service Reset

Suspension System Adjustment

Audio System

IMMO Immobilizer System

ESP ASC Brake System

Air Conditioning System

DPF System

Auto Headlamp System

ACC System

Car Radio Audio System

Car Door Windows System

Battery Management System

TPMS Relearn function

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