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Mercedes SD Connect C4 with Dell E6420 Laptop

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  • 2024 New Powerful Diagnostic Scanner for Benz/BMW/Audi Series: NO software subscriptions! All-in-one solution for BBA vehicles (Benz /Maybach /BMW /Mini /RollsRoyce /Audi): all-around brand-specific codings, resets, relearns, special functions, bi-directional controls, read/clear DTCs, graphic live data, also does complete OBD2 tests for 99% OBD2/CAN cars (~1996). For ??? bucks, this LAUNCH scanner is your best-choice bi-directional all system scan tool for multiple makes. Lifetime upgrades.
  •  BBA All System Scan + 10 Modes OBD2 Tests: For Benz /Maybach /BMW /Mini /RollsRoyce /Audi, this LAUNCH creader can troubleshoot all central systems and sub-systems: PCM, ECM, EPS, PDM, BCM, TPM, SCCM, RADIO, etc. For most OBD2 cars after 1996, this obd2 scanner diagnostic tool is an excellent combo of 10 modes obd2 tests: read/clear fault codes, I/M check, live data, freeze frames, mode 6, o2 sensor test, onboard monitoring, EVAP, vehicle info.
  • Fully-Featured Resets & Services: This obd2 scanner diagnostic tool resets oil (service mileage), spark plug, airbag, front/rear brake, microfilter, coolant, D-P-F, BMS, etc., also features a long list of special functions: TV activation, E-G-R adaptation, IMMO matching, language change, A/C setting, and lots of settings & codings in one solution! A great option for workshops to boost business. **Function menu varies by vehicle. Send us VIN to go into detail.
  • Bi-directional Control/Active Tests: Easily pinpoint faulty area! Control your car directly from this LAUNCH scanner without using vehicle’s controls or tearing vehicle apart. Fix problems effortlessly just like using dealership code readers & scan tools! Works on most relays/injectors/coils/solenoids/valves/actuators: radiator fan, throttle, windows, mirrors, injector buz, interior/exterior lights, sound horn, A/C, clutch, acceleration, brake and more.
  • AutoVIN, Graphic Live Data: Rapidly identify any 2006+ car VIN (year, model, make, etc.) and automatically scan all-accessible system with only one tap! Display live data in graphic making easily to analysis when coded. Ability to screenshot, record/replay, and auto-generated test report for efficient data check. This smart code reader saves your significant effort regardless of level of expertise. **If AutoVIN fails, try manual input or firmware repair.
  • Best-Budget LAUNCH scanner: Lifetime subscription-FREE! Available for 7 integrated brand software compatible with Benz /Maybach /BMW /Mini /RollsRoyce /Audi, covering all brand-specific tests, resets, relearns. This obd2 scanner diagnostic tool also supports easy one-touch updating online.
  • Superior Specifications: Performance wise, this bidirectional scan tool is a huge upgrade than other similar code readers on market. It runs on android 8.1, 3.97” touchscreen; silky smooth, lightning fast and responsive with quick boot up thanks to 1.3G processor, 2+16GB memory. Updating is easy. Wireless Wi-Fi online + simple one touch, DONE! Fast and intuitive; developed for busy mechanics to max repair speed.

Most comprehensive code readers & scan tools on market are all set to top-notch standards, making it too much for the general individuals who wants a simple car diagnostic scanner. Most of their features are useless for cars owners and it could be a huge waste. That’s why this LAUNCH Creader Elite 2.0 BBA obd2 scanner diagnostic tool comes out.


  1. Designed for BBA Diagnostics: Do all-system coding, scans, read & clear codes, bi-directional active tests, resets on all chassis/series/models of Benz, Maybach, BMW, Mini, RollsRoyce and Audi.
  2. BBA-Specific ECU Coding: Open/close original car settings, upgrade driving quality, and set up new actuators. Do what ONLY the dealership-level LAUNCH X431 bidirectional scan tool do.
  3. Full Service Functions: Fully equipped with the most-popular resets, relearns, calibration, adaptation, matching and initialization that can handle BBA vehicles’ daily car maintenance effectively.
  4. OE-Level All System Scan: AutoVIN & AutoScan (2006+) automatically scans all available on-board ECUs & modules with only one tap; gets deeper to read, understand, and clear BBA-specific codes.
  5. Bi-directional Active Tests: Access all available BBA-specific components (relays, injectors, coils, solenoids valves, actuators, etc.) and deliver fast results in 10 minutes.
  6. Lifetime Upgrade Included: Save costly software subscription fees for lifetime to keep this LAUNCH scanner regularly enhancing.
  7. More Add-on Features: Auto-Generated Diagnostic Report, Data Record & Replay, Screenshot & Share (via Email); this LAUNCH scanner Creader Elite 2.0 BBA puts them together in smart ways to better serve your repairs.


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