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Comes with 3 free Tokens
Magic Eraser is a set of Hardware and Software for resetting (RENEW) Mercedes-Benz ESL/ELV, Motor ECU, Gearbox ECU and Selector ECU to Factory (Virgin) mode.
The kit comes with an OBDII Bluetooth Adapter, Universal Connection Cable, Account registration with 3 tokens included.
The software application could be installed from Google Play Store. It works on Android version 4.1.0 and over running on Tablets or Smartphones with Bluetooth and Internet connection options.

Application Setup registration
Open Google Play Store and find MBHash application. Choose INSTALL option. Setup process will take from 30 seconds to 2 minutes depending on Internet connection quality.
To create your account on the server open in your browser and choose the Register Account option. Provide your E-mail address and password. Press the Register button. Your account will be activated within 24 hours. You get 3 Tokens after account activation.

Hardware Setup

Connect Magic Eraser OBDII adapter to the universal cable and power it with 12 Volts using black (ПТВ) and red (+12 V) cables. Blue LED will start to blink on OBDII adapter – it means adapter is ready to pair with other Bluetooth devices. Choose Bluetooth option in the Setup of your Android device. Find MBHASH device in the list of devices. Tap it to pair. Confirmation PIN code is 1234. Paired status indicates successful  synchronization.

MBHash operation

Run the application – tap MBHash red icon. Enter login and password – the same you used for registration.
If you logged in correctly and your account is activated, you will see the quantity of Tokens at the top right corner of the application.
Choose the ECU type using the drop down option at the top of application. Then tap READ ECU ID button to connect with ECU. You will see READING HASH process if the adapter is properly connected to the ECU. The ECU data will be displayed: Status and Hash.

Unlocking the ECU

Status Locked means the ECU is personalized and activated and cannot be programmed to another car.
Choose UNLOCK ECU option to reset (renew) the ECU. Process status UNLOCK will start to progress – your device connects with server and calculates hash to unlock hash, then it resets the ECU. Internet connection and one token as minimum on your account are required of course at the moment. One token will be written off from your account after Unlocking completes.
Unlock process takes about 30 seconds – depends on Internet connection quality. New status of the ECU will be displayed after unlocking. Status UNLOCKED – it means the ECU is at factory mode and ready to be re-programmed to another car.

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